Elementary School Arts


Elementary music classes are filled with exploration, creation and joyful presentation. Our specialists ignite student interest in all forms of music. The lively activities build skill and confidence in:

  • Reading and writing music; 
  • Music creation; 
  • Knowledge and appreciation of a wide range of music from a variety of cultures. 

We always find a way to enhance your child's education by making connections between diverse subject matters, and introduce real-life appreciations. See how music and science came together in this Grade 3 experiment. 

Visual Art 

We help our students see through different lenses and encourage them to express their ideas visually. Our expert faculty aims to instil both eagerness and thoughtfulness around art into each child. That could be through stand-alone art projects or curriculum integration. For example:

  • In Grade 3, students study indigenous cultures and are invigorated while learning to make paint from berries and recreate their favourite animal in the Haida style. 
  • In Grade 4, students build an entire dinosaur skeleton from clay — and have to go on an archaeological dig to find the "bones" after they are buried on campus by their art teacher.

Elementary students explore multiple mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and woodworking. 

Music co-curricular programs 

Teachers urge children to seek out many forms of musical expression right on campus, with teachers they know and trust. Along with our regular music program, students can join any one of our music co-curricular activities. They meet before or after school, or over the lunch hour, depending on the club. 

Primary Choir: Grades 1 and 2

Singing in a choir is uplifting and a different way to connect with those around you. Our Primary Choir singers work on basic choral skills and perform at our choral concerts. 

Elementary Choir: Grades 3 and 4 

At this stage, students are ready to explore two-part harmonies and develop music-reading skills. The Elementary Choir performs at several internal, and some external, events. 

Intermediate Choir: Grades 5 and 6 

All interested singers are welcome to join the choir – even if they are beginners. The Intermediate Choir progress to more complex repetoire, and perform at several events — both at STS events and outside the school.

Handbell Choir: Grade 5

Handbell ringing combines fun with coordination, listening, and anticipation skills. Our Handbell Choir has fifteen ringers in each session. If there's no room for the first session, students are welcome to try again in January. The Handbell Choir performs at school concerts in December and the spring. 

Elementary Musical Production: Grades 1-6

The bi-annual Elementary musical is eagerly awaited by students of all levels. It’s a high-spirited, bonding event with delightful cameos by faculty. Every Grade 5 and 6 student has the opportunity to take on a speaking role. It’s a significant, memorable spectacle with props, costumes and full staging. There’s also the chance to learn the production and backstage elements of theatrical creation.