Dan Arato Day

Dan Arato Day is an annual day of activities in Middle School celebrating and promoting school spirit through different activities and themes each year.

About Dan Arato

Dan's exuberance and the manner in which he embraced life to the fullest was highly regarded at STS. He was outgoing, thoughtful and kind, and radiated an energy and appeal that was appreciated by all who encountered him. Whether Dan was adding comic relief to the classroom, entertaining other students, or simply grinning in that knowing way of his - Dan could turn even the most ordinary event into a joyful experience.

Dan Arato Day is a special, annual, day-long event that commemorates Dan Arato's zest for life, and the exuberance with which he embraced activities outside of the classroom at STS.

Dan Arato Day for web
Dan Arato Day, February 2019

The Middle School celebrated Dan Arato Day on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. This full day of spirited activities included class competitions in various subject areas. Dan Arato, throughout his Middle School years at STS, was an enthusiastic participant in everything which involved working with others and being a creative problem-solver. Because of these distinguishing attributes we are pleased to remember Dan and work together to build relationships with each other on this special day. 

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