Tuition Disbersement

“Where does the tuition go?” is a common question for parents considering a private school. To help you make your decision, we’d like to share 11 ways tuition is used at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS). Ultimately, your tuition provides your child with an exceptional education and broadening experiences.

  1. A Well Rounded Education 
    Integrating co-curricular activities like athletics and fine arts bring balance to our days, bodies and minds. We offer over 90 co-curricular programs led by dedicated teachers. STS is for families who want excellence in more than just academics. We design our days to develop students’ confidence to embrace challenges in a number of different arenas. 

  2. Teacher Salaries
    Most of your tuition fees go directly to our teachers. They’re experts, specialists and true mentors. A large, skilled staff means smaller class sizes and more one-on-one student interactions. Our faculty of 70 holds a combined total of 170 university degrees.

  3. Extra Activity Fees
    We help students pursue many interests, for fun and competency. Students have access to a variety of teams, bands and clubs because tuition covers a lot of activities outside of the classroom that support learning. The exception is travel, accommodation opportunities etc., which we invoice separately.

  4. Inclusive Programs
    Every student gets the chance to nurture new or ongoing interests, make friends, learn about teamwork, and develop their leadership abilities. Programs and activities are all included in tuition.

  5. Extraordinary Facilities
    Our 220-acre campus combines state of the art facilities within an expansive natural setting. We can focus on developing well-balanced students who acquire excellence in scholarship, leadership and character. At any moment they may be in our new, 65,000 square foot wing working in advanced fine arts spaces, or in an outdoor class setting. Our buildings were built thanks to our generous donors, and your tuition helps maintain our campus.

  6. Resources and Equipment 
    We use top-of-the-line classroom and equipment. We have specialists helping, like our science lab technician, current technology such as 3D printers, top-of-the-line athletic equipment, and outdoor equipment including skis and kayaks, so you don’t have to rent or buy them. These are examples; there’s much more.  

  7. Personalized Service and Support 
    Every student receives a tailored learning plan. We have full-time learning strategists and a student success centre for support throughout the year. Together with the teachers and your child, strategists set goals and follow through, so each student gets the most out of the STS education. In addition, we have on-staff psychologists who provide counselling support, education and group workshops.

  8. Teacher Development 
    Our teachers are also students. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir has its own Centre for Excellence in Teaching for a range of professional development opportunities. Our teachers stay passionate and inspired, and seek to improve because they want to continue to do their best. We take the responsibility of an enriched learning environment seriously.

  9. Less Dependence on Public Funds
    Public schools receive a government grant for every attending student. Private schools do, too, but only a portion of what public schools receive. We make up the difference through tuition to offer you an exceptional educational experience. We also want to be accessible to all strong STS candidates, so we offer scholarships and bursaries funded by philanthropy.

  10. Healthy Food Options 
    Many of our students bring meals from home, but there are always healthy food options available in our campus cafeteria. Your child’s wellness is important to us, so our bistro staff provides dietician-reviewed, delicious food lovingly prepared by our on-site food services team. With dedicated, professional staff, we can accommodate all dietary needs.  

  11. Post-Secondary Preparation
    Our on-staff university guidance counsellor helps students identify their skills and aptitudes, and guides students and their families through post-secondary requirements and applications. 100 percent of our Grade 12 graduates continue to post-secondary education. Our university guidance counsellor helps students identify their skills and aptitudes, and guides students and their families through post-secondary requirements and applications.