It's about the Journey not the Destination

It's about the Journey not the Destination

By Tara Black, Contributing Writer and STS Alumni Parent

Living near the Rockies, it’s apropos for Jeff Kahane ’89 to use a mountain analogy when talking about his life. “When hiking, enjoy every step and the journey on the way, not only the waterfall at the end. Just being there, in nature, is beautiful,” says Jeff. “I translate that to everyday life.”

It is exactly how he lives, following many paths on his way. After graduating from STS, Jeff first earned a B.A. at the University of Western Ontario, then pursued an education degree at the University of Calgary, taught for a while, and then went back to school to study law in Calgary.

He found his true calling in the legal profession, where he is able to use his collective life experiences. In 2004, Jeff began building a successful law firm, Kahane Law Office, and recently opened a second office in Edmonton.

Jeff still loves to teach, including law and real estate board courses. “I have people tell me they finally get what the law is about because I explain it to them in words they can understand.”

Even though he has won countless awards through the years, his continued drive is not externally motivated. “I enjoy marketing, meeting people, talking to them, learning their stories, trying new things. I taught myself to search engine optimize because it was fun and creative. If you enjoy it, it’s not work.”

Like hiking, he believes that positive emotions are derived from enjoying the moment. “If I have an idea, I do it. My entire decision-making model is based on what my heart tells me. If you follow your gut, the whole universe conspires to get you what your destiny is.”

Following his heart has made Jeff an ardent supporter of STS, “…because it’s fun. I love watching rugby. I find Speech Day fascinating. I continue to enjoy my time there. It’s part of my experience in life.” During the pandemic, Jeff offered inspiration through a ‘Spartan Talk’ webinar for students and alumni. “Every opportunity I have, I will volunteer at the School.”

“At the core, I just love our motto – Nil Nisi Optimum – always strive to do your best, work hard, don’t get complacent. If things are challenging, get creative, work harder, move forward, and do better.”

From Jeff’s experience, “life is not that complicated… it’s one hundred percent enjoying every day… and I’m enjoying the journey.”