National Volunteer Week 2019

National Volunteer Week 2019

STS volunteers have always been at the top of the list of resources that we draw upon to make our School a success. The impact of our volunteers is broad and deep as their work supports everything from student learning to governance. Volunteers assist our STS faculty and staff in countless ways as experts in different subject matter, classroom assistants, sports teams supporters, judges, library volunteers, and in a host of other important roles.

Volunteers contribute extensively to the way our community experiences the life of the School by organizing social events, welcome back coffee mornings, and by welcoming new parents to our community. There is probably not a happier day in the year for staff than the June employee appreciation luncheon. They operate the uniform store, generating revenue for the School in addition to providing an excellent service to families, and they organize and support a wide range of fundraising events that enrich programming, facilities and provide valuable resources for our students and teachers.

STS would not be the School it is today without our volunteers. The experience of students, teachers, staff, parents and visitors would be greatly diminished. With this year's theme being "the volunteer factor: lifting communities", we are sharing the stories of STS volunteers and how they are lifting our community.

Delia Lee

Delia Lee '14

Meet Delia Lee ’14. During her time at STS, Delia was involved in Speech and Debate, Model United Nations (MUN) and volunteered avidly at the Calgary drop-in centre through Round Square. Delia is a strong activist for “paying it forward” – from peer tutoring in French and Math as an STS student to now volunteering as an alumna at events such as “Tales from the Undergrad Years” and STS’ annual Speech Day, Delia credits her fond memories of her years as an STS student to the dedicated STS Alumni who ensured successful experiences for students to come. “Connecting current students with the alumni community lifts STS students by facilitating mentorship and expanding their professional circles so that they can continue to live up to the STS mission – Nil Nisi Optimum – and do their best as global citizens after graduation.”

Alysha Kanji

Alysha Kanji '05

Alysha Kanji ’05 reminisces to her time as a curious STS student not knowing the many paths she could pursue following her graduation. During her time at STS, Alysha participated in a variety of co-curriculars including debate, choir and numerous athletic activities. Alysha even recalls performing at her very own Speech Day and how terrified she was performing in front of a massive crowd. Today, Alysha volunteers as an STS alumna, sharing ideas, and providing students with various perspectives and options to consider for their lives post-graduation. Alysha views volunteering as an essential service that helps communities thrive, “being able to serve others, and donate whatever time and knowledge you may have, not only keeps you connected to the community at large, but also lifts those around you to do the same. I believe volunteering is a domino effect – if you help others, they are more likely to do the same and so on. It truly does vitalize and lift communities.”

Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson '92

Karen Robinson ’92 has volunteered on STS’ alumni annual events committee for several years and more recently was a judge at this year’s Speech Day. During her spare time, Karen also volunteers as a tutor in a remedial reading program for children with dyslexia and is a member of the school council at her children’s school.  Volunteering as an alumna allows Karen to give back to the community that played an important role in her life and it ensures that future generations of STS students can enjoy historical traditions such as Speech Day as tremendous experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“Volunteering is vitally important to our world and our community. There are many organizations and events that would cease to exist without the dedication of individuals who share their time and talents.”