The Benefits of Mentoring and Networking

The Benefits of Mentoring and Networking

By: Ian Graham '93

benefits of mentoring and networking 2As a Grade 7 student, becoming a member of the STS alumni association was a time beyond my comprehension. I simply looked forward to the coming years when I could try out for the senior sports teams, participate in OE, and claim a seat at the back of the school bus. Now, having just attended my 25-year reunion with my fellow ‘93 grads, I still grow more appreciative of our alumni community with each passing year. 

As co-lead of the Mentoring and Networking committee with Jason Fong ’03, we are constantly impressed with our student and parent alumni’s desire to support the current student body, recent graduates and all STS alumni.

For many years, alumni have been forging relationships with students and fellow alumni through the Mentoring and Networking Program. The program optimizes the benefits of belonging to STS’ vibrant alumni global community by creating connections and building lasting, supportive relationships. Experienced alumni offer guidance and advice to current and graduated students through speaking engagements, speed mentoring sessions and one-on-one mentor/mentee matches. These contacts can offer insights on the path to post-secondary education, provide perspective and decision making skills as STS students leave university and enter the workforce, and ultimately help further careers and professional goals over the long term.

We have several formal Mentoring and Networking opportunities each year including:

  • Speed Mentoring with High School students in the Fall
  • Grade 11 Panel sessions in the Spring
  • CALM 10 class presentations throughout the year

In addition, Brittany Girling '09 and a dedicated group of recent graduates form the Young Alumni Committee ( with a focus on addressing the specific needs of the newest members of the STS alumni community.

There are countless informal mentoring opportunities for students and young alumni and we are always looking for STS alumni who are willing to share their time and experiences. Please reach out to either Jason or myself to express your interest in participating in one the scheduled events above or simply being available on an ad hoc basis.

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