A Kindergarten Poem

A Kindergarten Poem

By: Mr. Greene's Kindergarten Class of 2034

From The Trees With Love

Happy 5oth Birthday, STS!
I remember when you were a just
a little baby school
just born
machines making noise
flattening the ground
walls came up
roofs went on
and children were
invited in.
Hallways, fields,
the cafeteria
filled up
with sounds of excitement
from the children
who could not wait
to come in.

Over the years
my family, the trees,
grew taller
and my friend the school
grew bigger,
and bigger over the years.
The Aspen Lodge, outdoor buildings,
and entire wings
popped up
like building blocks
for young children
to play with.

For your birthday, STS,
we would like to bring to you
LOTS of fun
and the knowledge
that our hearts are