Diversity Week 2020 Wrap-up

Diversity Week 2020 Wrap-up

The DiversiTEAM is excited to share highlights from Diversity Week 2020 which took place April 27 to May 1, 2020. We had several subcommittees and they would each like to share their work below. 

Logo Design Subcommittee

Diversity Week logo

This year’s logo represents the concept of diversity. Featured in the image is a tree, showcasing the roots as well. There are many angles and perspectives to look at something and for all those perspectives to be true and valid, much like with looking at a tree. Someone may make assumptions based on only the piece they see, but it is the understanding of all our perspectives as a whole that allow us to connect to others in meaningful ways.

Your STS Design Subcommittee (Kailee Meckelborg '22 and Tobi Roth '21)


Communication Subcommittee

Hi! We are the Communications Team. Our goal in September was to use digital platforms to engage and interact with the STS community. We faced an obstacle this year due to COVID-19 and our subcommittee had to make some major shifts to accommodate for an online week. Originally, we would have played morning playlists as students walked into school. Instead, we created Spotify playlists for each day of the week for students, teachers and staff to listen to while studying. These playlists included Kool Monday K-pop, Lovin' Latin Thursday, and Mr. Worldwide Friday. If you want to follow us on Spotify, our username is @STSdiversiTEAM. We also were in charge of updating and designing the Diversity Week portion of the Spartan Centre on the RAPID website. Our daily Diversity Week programs, including links to playlists, and activity videos will remain on the Spartan Centre for you to visit and explore.

Our biggest accomplishment was completing two videos! Our first and favourite is the 'I Think You are Beautiful' video. The idea started in September based on a video we found on Facebook. We decided to modify the premise in order to highlight the diversity of the STS community - to watch this video, click here. Our second video was a 'Diversity Week Highlights' video recounting the events from the week - to watch this video, click here

Your STS Communications Subcommittee (Arman Lakhu '20, Nicholas Hadwin-Guardiola '20, Oyin Akintola '20, Zoya Virji '22, Kailee Meckelborg '22, Hiya Mahal '20, Jayhan Kherani '20)


Activities Subcommittee

Hi! We are the 2020 Diversity Week Activities Team and our goal this year was to create activities supporting diversity that could be participated in online. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the STS community had the opportunity to learn the basics of a new language. Special thanks to Bella Reis '19 for teaching Portuguese, Stephanie Picioreanu '20 for teaching Romanian, and Brennan Cowley-Adam '20 and Lindy Zhai '20 for teaching Mandarin.

In the spirit of diversity, we asked two students to teach a lesson on their cultural dance. During lunch periods on Tuesday and Thursday students had the opportunity to participate in fun and engaging Bollywood and Irish dance lessons. Special thanks to Abigail Prevost '20 for teaching Irish dancing and Jazmin Sunderji '26 for teaching Bollywood dancing.

On Thursday April 30, we hosted a panel of alumni and community members speaking about the “Diversity in Career Path” they have undertaken. The six-person panel shared their stories of success, motivation, challenges and triumphs related to a range of career and passion projects. We are honoured that our panelists shared their perspectives and personal experiences with us. Thank you to Maddy el Baroudi '18, Olivia Hotchkiss '18, Kenzie Roth '18, Josu Targino '18, Aidan Wolfson '19, and Mr. Hoffman for their sincerity and for inspiring us to pursue our passions. “You have to stay being yourself throughout it all.  That’s the most important thing.” - Aidan Wolfson '19

Throughout the week, we asked students to create rainbows to support diversity and to spread positivity and love. We received many awesome submissions where students painted rainbows, made chalk rainbows on their driveways, and even created human rainbows.

Diversity Week Rainbow 1
Amaara L. '26


Diversity Week Rainbow 2
Kavya D. '27


Diversity Week Rainbow 3 rotated
Arman '20, Sareena '16 and Maya '18 L.

Your STS Activities Subcommittee (Carly Black '20, Hiya Mahal '20, Izzy Imoru '20, Stephanie Picioreanu '20, Angie Horta '21, and Lauren Weissenborn '21)


Throughout Diversity Week, we feel that we truly embraced the beauty of the diversity at STS and we thank you for your participation, engagement, and support.


Personal Highlights

Jayhan Kherani '20: “My personal highlight from Diversity Week 2020 was watching the final product of the 'I Think You are Beautiful' video with the TEAM. I loved seeing everyone’s faces light up, the smiles are so contagious! I also loved Izmir’s Rainbow Challenge submission and his wise words, 'What makes you different makes you beautiful!'."

Nicholas Hadwin-Guardiola '20: “My personal highlight from Diversity Week started before the week began, with the preparation and creation of the ‘I Think You’re Beautiful’ video. It was truly  heartwarming to see everyone's reactions and I hope that everyone who watched the final product felt the same way I did.”

Arman Lakhu '20: “My favourite part of Diversity Week 2020 was listening to the different playlists that were created to showcase different origins of music. I learned so much about different genres of music and the Mr. Worldwide playlist on Friday encompassed a diverse queue of genres and styles that really tied the whole week together!”

Carly Black '20: “My personal highlight from Diversity Week was listening to the Career Panel and hearing all of the incredible stories of our alumni who have stayed true to themselves and pursued their passions."

Hiya Mahal '20: “My personal highlight from Diversity Week 2020 was seeing all the creative submissions from the rainbow challenge. It was inspiring to see the diversity among our community.”

Tobi Roth '21: “My favourite part of Diversity Week was getting up early on Friday mornings to come to school and plan for this week!”

Stephanie Picioreanu '20: “The highlight of my Diversity Week was when I got to learn Portuguese with Bella Reis! I also really enjoyed listening to a new playlist every morning before class!"