Global Scholar Diploma Certificates 2020

Global Scholar Diploma Certificates 2020

The Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Global Scholar Diploma was born out of a desire to encourage and recognize students in their growth as practical, contributing global citizens. Its goal is to challenge students to record and reflect on their actions and to continually expand their current boundaries of comfort and influence in order to positively impact the wider world around them.

The Global Scholar Diploma asks students to engage in and provide evidence for their actions in five key areas: Service, Leadership, Active living / Human experience, Communication and Relationships, and Environmental Stewardship. Through curricular and co-curricular experiences, students strive to enhance their global perspective and engage and connect with other people in local, national and international settings.

This year, the four Global Scholar Diploma recipients have produced incredible portfolios, showcasing their engagement with each of the five categories, and they did so during unprecedented times. While global travel virtually came to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, these students were able to reflect on their place in the global society in ways that have never occurred before. The need for thoughtful, reflective global citizens was further emphasized during the upswell of the #BlackLivesMatter movement this spring. Our hope is that these Global Scholars will continue to learn and grow, to help society learn and grow, too.

Please recognize and congratulate the following Global Scholar Diploma Recipients:
Jayhan Kherani ’20
Arman Lakhu ’20
Zaki Lakhani ’20
Stephanie Picioreanu ’20

To view each of their portfolios and short videos about why they wanted to complete the program and what they felt they gained from it, please see the links below our recipients’ photos below.

Congratulations to the STS Class of 2020 Global Scholars!

GSD Jayhan Kherani
Jayhan Kherani '20 
Click here to view Jayhan's portfolio
Click here to watch Jayhan's Global Scholar video 

GSD Arman Lakhu
Arman Lakhu '20 
Click here to view Arman's portfolio
Click here to watch Arman's Global Scholar video

GSD Zaki Lakhani Copy
Zaki Lakhani '20 
Click here to view Zaki's portfolio
Click here to watch Zaki's Global Scholar video

GSD Stephanie Pi
Stephanie Picioreanu '20
Click here to view Stephanie's portfolio
Click here to watch Stephanie's Global Scholar video