Young Marketers Emerging in Grade 4

Young Marketers Emerging in Grade 4

Grade 4 students were recently asked to write about which Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile attribute they felt best described STS students. Next, students gathered in teams and took on the task of creating a marketing poster that showed students actively demonstrating the attribute they had chosen. With the help of Ms. Unsworth, our Director of Communications and Marketing, the students learned how to plan an effective photo shoot and compose an impactful marketing tagline. We hope you enjoy viewing these posters below and recognize how we aspire to demonstrate these attributes each day at STS. Special thanks to Ms. Unsworth and our team of wonderful parent photographers who provided our young marketing professionals with all the assistance they needed. Congratulations to the Grade 4 students for their fine work on this project!

Grade 4 Poster Project: What is STS' Identity? 


Student reflections: Something we’re proud of is how we did our photo shoot. Something that was challenging was cooperating at the beginning with each other. (Lucas, Olivia, Chloe, and Quinn)


Student reflections: We were challenged when thinking of a good photo idea. We are most proud of our amazing tagline. Also, we did a great job cooperating. (Joy, Krishneet, Jazmin)


Student reflections: Something that we did very well was choose our tagline. One thing that was very challenging for our group was getting our group on task and back to working on our project. (Tiago, Tess, Mattea)


Student reflections: Something that was hard was picking our tagline because it was difficult to choose just one idea. Something that we are proud of is how we cooperated to make our poses demonstrate our learner profile in just the right way. (Lizzy, Josef, Olivia)


Student reflections: Something we are most proud of is how our group was collaborating together. Something that was most challenging was finding a great location to demonstrate our profile. (Charlie, Georgia, Presley)

Courageous poster

Student reflections: We are proud of how our tagline worked out. One thing we thought was challenging was our picture because we were outside. (Taylor, Skylah, Maxwell)


Student reflections: One thing we achieved was we cooperated together very well. For example, when we were choosing our tagline we listened to each other's ideas and agreed. Something that was challenging for our group was making the poster because we did not know where the tagline would look the best. (Sara, Summer, Malaya, Amaara)

Open Minded

Student reflections: What we are proud of is how the photo looked like because we had good poses. What we thought was challenging was a tagline for the photo shoot. We thought it was challenging because everyone had really good taglines and we had to decide on just one! (Max, Katy, Ray, Sierra)


Student reflections: One thing we are proud of is getting our poster done early because we had a very good plan. One thing we thought was challenging was finding a perfect setting. (Dana, Maximus, Karma, Neal)


Student reflections: One thing we found challenging was making the tagline because combining our ideas was difficult but that is what we are most proud of because it took a lot of collaboration. (Grant, Arnaaz, Taylor)

Risk Taker

Student reflections: Something we found challenging was holding our positions. Something we are proud of was our tagline. (Sofia, Soumyaa, Fynley)


Student reflections: One thing we are proud of is that we cooperated. For example, we had to make up a tagline that we could all agree on. We also had to find a good position for the photo shoot in the Aspen Lodge. (Beck, Michael, Brooklyn, Ava)