Students Compete at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition Held In Winnipeg

Students Compete at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition Held In Winnipeg

Last weekend Chelli S. ’19, Dieter F. ’20 and Zaki L. ’20 competed in the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition (IISPSC) in Winnipeg held at the Gray Academy of Jewish Education and Balmoral Hall.  Congratulations are to be given to all three students representing STS.

At this tournament, students must select three categories from a possible nine including Cross Examination Debate, Parliamentary Debate, Radio Broadcasting, Dramatic Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Interpretive Reading, Extemporaneous Speaking and After Dinner Speaking. Chelli competed in Parliamentary Debate, Impromptu Speaking, and Cross Examination Debate with the prepared topic of This house would place sanctions on nations that break environmental agreements.  Dieter competed in Persuasive Speech on why we should embrace self-driving cars, Parliamentary and Cross Examination Debate. Zaki performed in Parliamentary Debate, Interpretive Reading where he read a witty story by Woody Alan about Count Dracula, and Zaki delivered a 13-minute speech on how we should remember historical figures who have become controversial. In the second round, the coach and judge from Toronto University School said afterward that Zaki should have delivered his speech to the House of Commons in Ottawa; it was that powerful.

Based on the total scores of all three students in all their events, we are proud to report that Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School came sixth place out of 44 independent schools attending from Canada, the United States, Scotland, England, Bermuda, India, South Africa, Peru and South Korea.

Chelli advanced to the finals in impromptu speaking and Zaki advanced in all three events.  All three students are to be congratulated and special congratulations go to Zaki who in the preliminary rounds placed:

isspsc winnipeg1st in Parliamentary debate out of 52 students

3rd place in Interpretive Reading out of 58 students.

4th place Persuasive Speech out of 68 students.

In the finals, Zaki won 2nd place in Interpretive Reading.

Zaki also won the St. Margaret’s Trophy for the Top Student Under 16.

Zaki also won 2nd place overall out of 144 students, which is almost unprecedented for a Grade 10 student.

Being ranked 2nd place allows Zaki to represent STS and Canada at the World Public Speaking Championships hosted by Bishop’s College, a boy’s school in Cape Town, South Africa in April. Congratulations Zaki!