Terry Fox 2020 - STS Celebrating Terry's Inspirational Memory

Terry Fox 2020 - STS Celebrating Terry's Inspirational Memory

This year, instead of our annual run on campus, we have been celebrating Terry Fox with a week of activities – kicking off with 80s dress day on Friday, September 18 and its Prefect-run photo booth. 

Terry Fox 80s 4The key message shared with students for the week is #TryLikeTerry and we promoted fundraising for continued cancer research as well. Teachers and students were challenged to participate in daily #TryLikeTerry activities in their homerooms or period 1 class. Elementary School students were also engaged in learning about Terry Fox and his legacy of inspiration.Terry Fox 80s 7Some of the daily challenges turned out to be more demanding than others, but the idea was for students to learn a bit about Terry’s story each day through short informational announcement each day – click here to see some of these, and then complete a challenge. Some are physical, others are not. Teachers have encouraged students to do their best, to persevere and to be resilient – all qualities Terry possessed.

Terry Fox 80s 7 rot3This week STS students have learned about Terry Fox’s legacy, his determination to make a difference in Canada, and his motivation to have an impact on those around him. Thank you again, to the STS community, for your participation in our week of #TryLikeTerry and for continuing to support the legacy of Terry’s Marathon of Hope.

Terry Fox 80s 11Donations in support of the 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope have begun online. Donations can be made through The Terry Fox Foundation’s online funding page at http://www.terryfox.ca/StrathconaTweedsmuir. The first ever Terry Fox run internationally raised $3.5 million. But more than that, it established Canadians’ interest and desire to continue what Terry started. 40 years later, even amidst a pandemic, that same determination exists. To date, the  STS community has raised over $633,000 in 35 years. We’d love to hit the $650,000 mark this year!

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