The Peer Tutoring program at STS

The Peer Tutoring program at STS

By: Sameena S.A. '22

The peer tutoring program has definitely been one of my highlights for Grade 10 thus far. It feels amazing to expand my learnings upon the school community, while also helping our fellow peers. This is not only coming from my experience, but several others’ as well. I had the opportunity to interview both Kessia V. ‘22 and Sophia D. ‘22, who both have enjoyed tutoring younger students in math.

Why did you decide to become a peer tutor?

“I decided to become a peer tutor to expand my own understanding of a subject and to provide individualized attention to my tutee. I feel like tutoring makes a positive change in the STS community by reliving some of the frustration and confusion that is sometimes experienced in math class. I really wanted to share the knowledge I have gathered to someone younger than me because I know how much I would have appreciated the help.”

What do you enjoy most about tutoring younger students in math?

“People call it the lightbulb moment, but it’s this moment where something clicks in your brain, or you see something in a different light. I feel like Math and Science hold a lot of opportunity for that. The subjects allow you to see the world differently. This is also one of the reasons I became a tutor. When I am tutoring I know I am successful if the student I am working with walks away with an expression on their face that shows they understand something. It really feels like you have made an impact if you can create a lightbulb moment for another person, and it feels amazing to have helped someone in that way.”

Why should other students become a part of the peer tutoring program?

“YES! It feels amazing to know you helped someone. You can tutor in almost any subject, but when you tutor in a subject that you love you get to see the subject from a different perspective, teaching and breaking things down rather than learning and building things up. I would encourage others to peer tutor to help younger student in the STS community. I know that tutoring has expand my own understanding of math concepts I thought I knew really well. Tutoring builds really good communication skill and its lots of fun!”