Virtual Craft Night

Virtual Craft Night

By: Tara Leece, STS Parent and School Nurse

On Friday February 11, STS held a virtual craft party, part of STS's 50th Anniversary celebrations. With February being a month of kindness, friendship, and love, students and families had the opportunity to attend this fun and interactive evening hosted by Ms. Forgay, STS teacher, and Mr. Uzick, Community Engagement Coordinator for the 50th Anniversary of STS.

The 55 students were greeted by Ms. Forgay and Mr. Uzick on Zoom, and were treated to a little dance party to get things started. Ms. Foray shared the story Chick 'n' Pug, which was about an uncommon furry pair who shared their tale of love and friendship.

After the story, the students were instructed to lay out their craft materials, then it was time to get busy creating two stuffed animals! The first stuffed animal was a very cute little chick, followed by a cuddly puppy. Ms. Forgay walked the students through the process using step-by-step instructions, so it was easy to follow along. It was incredible to see how simple it was for the kids to create two adorable stuffed animals using everyday crafting materials. 

Ms. Forgay kept the party going with draws for door prizes that included board games, puzzles, snacks, treats, and more! The kids also had the chance to share their creations with each other through Zoom.

There were many smiling happy faces, and one Grade 1 student commented that it was “the best night ever!!”. It was wonderful to see families working together and enjoying the craft night. It was the perfect way to spend a Friday evening!  A special thank you to Ms. Forgay for volunteering her time, enthusiasm, and skills towards this event.