Yoga in the Aspen Lodge for STS's 50th Anniversary

Yoga in the Aspen Lodge for STS's 50th Anniversary

By: Kristi Kasper, STS Parent

I am so grateful that we are able to celebrate STS’s 50th Anniversary with some in-person activities (COVID-19 safety measures in place of course).  I was one of several parents that attended one of the yoga sessions held on November 16 and 19 in honour of this anniversary year and what a treat it was!

On a crisp November morning, my yoga mat tucked under my arm, I headed to Aspen Lodge after completing school drop-off.  When I opened the door to the cozy lodge I was warmed by the fireplace and welcomed into the room by Brian Uzick, Community Engagement Coordinator for the 50th Anniversary celebrations.  Several parents had already unrolled their mats and were chatting and settling in for a peaceful hour of movement and mindfulness.

The class was led by Anju Giri, an STS parent who graciously donated her time and talent to lead us through a gentle and tranquil hour.  As we moved from downward dog into warrior position, we took in the panoramic view of the endless Aspens circling the lodge.  While we exhaled through tree pose we got lost in the music of the forest birds intertwined with the soothing instrumental music playing inside.  It was a magical morning.

As we were leaving, we heard the shrieks and laughter of the Elementary School students enjoying their recess.  I think we were all reminded of how lucky our children are to get to spend each and every school day on the amazing STS campus.  As for me, I will always jump at the chance to visit every minute I can, or hour-long yoga class, as the case may be!

Yoga Instructor Anju Girir3