A message from our Head of School in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

I am sure this message will find you, as it does my family, navigating this unprecedented global health crisis. I am sending you my warm wishes and keeping my fellow citizens in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. 

As you know, Alberta schools have been closed until further notice. As such, STS’ campus is closed for students until further notice. I know that this measure leads to heightened anxiety levels, in a situation that is already impacting people’s collective well-being. The pervasive uncertainty about what is to come, mixed with worry about your own health, the health of those you love, what your children will do while schools are closed, the pressure school closures have placed on families, and the struggling economy are likely a few things that are top-of-mind.

At STS, we are making every effort to alleviate some of these stressors within our control. On March 17, our remarkable faculty launched our Remote Alternate Program Instructional Delivery (RAPID) program offering continued learning through online curriculum to all of our students. The joy teachers and students feel connecting online is palpable, and it has been exciting to see learning continuing at a high level. Be sure to check our ‘What’s Happening’ blog regularly to see how learning and connections have continued online through our RAPID program.


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, our commitment to our families remains the same. We will finish the school year, cover the required outcomes, provide enrichment and community, and ensure our students are ready for the next grade level or transition to post-secondary studies. Our goal, as always, is to see all of our students flourish and succeed!

STS staff have also prepared for business continuity, using creative methods for maintaining consistency in enrollment, finance, alumni and community relations, and communications. These departments will continue running as per normal, albeit working remotely. Our Enrollment Office will be offering virtual online tours and virtual coffee information sessions. Click here to learn more about how we're providing admissions support to our families online.

It is clear that this situation will continue to develop, and we will adjust, create, and implement accordingly. Our COVID-19 response team will continue to connect online and work together regularly, and we are committed to keeping our community informed as this situation evolves.

I have found myself on several occasions stopping for a moment to revel in how incredible our STS community is. I am overwhelmed with an abundant sense of pride and positive emotion. Despite a global crisis, our community has come together, as is the STS way, and are solutions-focused, supportive, positive, and making well-informed, measured decisions – all because we believe in education and giving our kids the very best. Through collective and innovative efforts, our students will continue to learn, and will be supported by a team of dedicated faculty every step of the way. Yet again, I am witness to our indelible, trailblazing, resilient spirit that has carried STS and our founding schools through ups and downs for more than 115 years. This too will pass, and we will get through it together.

I do believe in Margaret Mead’s words and know that this community, this province, this country and this world will be better coming together in support of all people. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead

Stay well and be kind to yourselves, 

CGW circle 2019

Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt
Head of School, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School 

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