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The Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School education focuses on excellence in scholarship, leadership and character and develops confident, well-rounded students. On our 220-acre natural campus and in our state-of-the-art facilities, students learn to embrace challenges with curiosity and intent.


Say Yes to Possibility

With over 90 choices, we use the term “co-curricular” instead of “extra-curricular” as we believe learning that takes place outside the classroom brings achievement that reaches beyond grades. Feeling free to sample new activities, go out of your comfort zone, and find your talents, while always showing up to do your best, inspires students to see what’s possible – in themselves and their futures.

Say Yes to Belonging

Here, your child will belong. They will be known. Known not only by name but for who they are – and what helps them flourish. Your child will find their people and make life-long friends – not only with their peers – but with their teachers, who are instructors, mentors, and coaches. Faculty and staff at STS make time for one-on-one interaction with each student, both in and out of class. We believe that personal attention, and time spent, helps develop students’ belief in themselves. 

Say Yes to the Future

Today, and every day, your child will learn, grow and develop in unexpected, exciting ways. Tomorrow, STS students are leaders who know they can make a difference in the world with curiosity and courage. They’ve learned to collaborate and solve technical puzzles. They’ll communicate with clarity and conviction. And they’ll lead with kindness and a sense of community service. They will be ready to seize their future – whatever that may be. 

Say Yes to Discovery

Our students’ academic outcomes are exemplary not only while they’re here at STS, but also in post-secondary studies. Why? Because the Alberta curriculum is brought to life through applications to the real world. STS students understand the “why” of what they’re learning, and have plenty of opportunity to follow their interests, working individually and on teams. They delve deeper, they make connections, they create solutions, they try and try again – and in the end they discover what they are capable of. 

Say Yes to New Adventures

Connecting with nature in a myriad of ways nourishes our students – mind, body and soul. Outdoor learning, a core value at STS, is shown to enhance scholastics and well-being. On our 220-acre campus, your child will experience all subject areas in an environment where they can absorb, reflect and create. Through our specialized Outdoor Education (OE) program, students embrace challenges and build confidence. On-campus training prepares students for wilderness trips that promote team work and problem-solving skills. Leading each small group is one of our dedicated and experienced faculty members – modelling an outdoor, healthy and broad-minded lifestyle for your child. 

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